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“★ ★ ★ ★”
- The Guardian

“Sheds light on the Orwellian technologies being used across borders to
repress activists, journalists, and others”

- The Nation 

Variety - Phantom Parrot Examines U.K.’s Intrusive Data-Collecting Policy Targeting Activists, Journalists

Deadline - Phantom Parrot’ Premiering At CPH:DOX Exposes U.K. Surveillance Program In Dark Detective Film

Declassified UK - Phantom Parrot: The Secret State’s Tool for Mass Intelligence Gathering

The Lancet - Storytelling and Debate at the 2023 Global Health Film Festival

Business Doc Europe - CPH DOX F:ACT Award: Phantom Parrot by Kate Stonehill

Cinemafemme - Kate Stonehill Talks Citizens’ Surveillance, Violations of Human Rights in Her Unsettling Debut Doc “Phantom Parrot”

Modern Times - Review: Phantom Parrot

Cineuropa - Review: Phantom Parrot

Film Team
Kate Stonehill

Vera Simmonds
Emiliano Battista

Steven Lake

Seemab Gul
Sorcha Bacon

Original Score
Nainita Desai

Matt Bockelman
JP Lewis
Ronnie McQuillan
Kate Stonehill

Executive Producers
Alex Lieberman
Gary Lieberman
Sandra Whipham

Amanda Lebow- CAA

Java Films

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